Saturday, June 30, 2012

UMMT T-26-1E light tank

UMMT kit 402, T-26-1E (Ehkrenami). This was a T-26-1 with additional armour added to the hull and turret.

Construction Comments. This kit goes together without any fit issues.The track is individual link and length, which is good, but it is very delicately moulded and rather firmly attached to its sprue, so a lot of care is needed to remove the individual lengths without damaging them. I still managed to damage a few. I also took the step of wrapping the lengths around the sprockets as I found this much easier than trying to neatly place the individual lengths around the front and rear sprocket. I then glued the individual links into longer lengths & attached them, making a sag for the top run of track. The metal etch armour comes 'pre-creased' which makes it very esasy to bend into the right shape. Liquid superglue was brushed on to attach these to the plastic.

A most enjoyable build, other than the slight frustration of detaching the tiny individual links from the sprue.

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