Friday, June 29, 2012

UMMT PL-43 Armoured Rail Car

UMMT kit UM622 PL-43 Armored car with T-34/76 turret.

Construction Comments. No fit problems with the lower and upper hull, all polystyrene components fit well. There is a lot of metal etch in this kit. (I hesitate to call it 'brass' etch as it seems to be copper). It doesn't take long to get used to using the etch, though some foot and hand rungs are undoubtedly better replaced with wire. Makes up into a great looking wagon. Couplers are the only drawback.

Other Comments.No doors or hatches open, other than the T-34 turret hatch. The wheels can barely be seen, and as all my rail builds are intended as static models I have sanded the wheel flanges down to a scale depth. Anyone considering making this (or any UM or UMMT rail kit) into a moving wagon for a model railway needs to know that this model is scaled to russian broad gauge, and HO railway track is much to narrow, they would need to replace the wheels and axle boxes with model railway components. .

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