Thursday, June 28, 2012

Attack T-97 Staff Car

 Attack kit 72811, Tatra T-97 Staff Car. These are czech manufactured cars that were in use by the german army during World War 2.

Comments on Construction. Not many parts in this kit and no construction issues. Casting quite good for such a small vehicle. I kept the body shell separate for painting and window application purposes, not joining it the floor pan until all painting & detailing was completed. Only addition was a home made windscreen wiper. I also countersunk the headlight area and painted it silver to give it some depth & used a drop of  Testor's Window Maker to make the headlight glass.

Other Comments. I originally painted this in 3 colour camouflage, but decided that gloss black would look better, so paint stripped it with Oven Cleaner & started again. This is one of my favourite small vehicles. Figures on base are Prieser and Caesar.

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