Sunday, July 1, 2012

RPM Panhard P204 armoured rail car

RPM kit 72307 Aufklungsfahrzeug P204(f). This is a french Panhard armoured car pressed into german service, with could be converted to run or rails. These were used to scout ahead of armoured trains and for track protection.

Kit Construction comments. This kit went together very well. Checking detailed plans & photos of period Panhards  I decided to so some additions to this build.  I added  missing bolt heads to the rear doors & sides of turret (using stretched sprue, sliced to make tiny round 'bolt heads'). I opened up the three observation flaps around the driver's compartment. Thinned the frame aerial, and added a semi circle brace to it made from wire. I also added a radio cable from the driver's compartment to the rear of the frame, with two supports, as seen in some photos, and added large headlights to the front as seen in some photos.

This vehicle was very enjoyable to build.


  1. Hi Neil,

    that looks very nice indeed. Some hints on how you achieved the finish would be welcome too..



  2. Hi Falke.

    Sorry for the delay with the reply.

    The vehicle was sprayed with a yellow enamel (Humbrol I think) and the green and red brown spots were also Humbrol enamels, sorry did not note the numbers (but will in future).

    To get the darkened look was the easy part.

    I let the enamel paint job dry for at least 2 weeks - this is important as if not totally dry, the next step can make the paint peel off. First I poured a little puddle of enamel paint thinners into a dish, then added a little artists oil paint, just a dab - in this case 'Raw Umber' onto the edge. Then I get a wide brush & mix some of the oil paint with the thinners, so that it dissolves. I then apply this with the wide brush straight onto the model, coating all the surfaces, lightly, ensuring it gets into the cracks and around the rivets. If its not dark enough I dissolve a little more oil paint into the thinners. If too dark, I rinse the brush a little, and again wipe it lightly over the model, which removes some of the darkness. The darker you want it, the more raw umber you add to the thinners. If the original paint job is fully dry it won't harm the original paint job. You can also make streaks this way, to simulate rainfall.

    Next time I do this I will take some pictures of the steps & add to the blog

    Feel free to reply again or email me if you have more queries,