Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunday 26 January


I have neglected this blog the last few weeks, I have been too tired from work & other post Christmas and post New Year obligations most days and nights, so not much modelling has been achieved.

The last few weeks haven't all been spent away from modelling.  I have found a bit of time to work on the base of a large diorama. It has a long way to go, but it will feature 2 one metre lengths of railway track, to put some of my 1/72 scale railway models on, as well as space for other wheeled and tracked vehicles. I'll post pictures and more on that in the near future. One picture is below.

We have a long weekend here, and its very wet thanks to ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald. I have some spray painting to do on the two S Model H-35 tanks, but I find this very wet weather creates problems when air brushing, the high humidity is not good, so that will need to wait for another weekend.

So I have decided to tackle 3 kits, the Italeri Autoblinda AB-41, the Italeri Autoblinda AB 40 Ferroviaria, and the ACE Autoprotetto S.37.

Why 3 italian kits ? I don't know ! I have had the AB-41 for a few years in the stash, and recently got the Autoprotetto. A couple of weeks ago my LHS got in some AB-40, so I snapped one up. Having 3 models that could be grouped together was appealing, so these 3 are my next project. They would go together nicely on a small diorama.

Picture below is of all 3 kits, I will create a new Post for each of a build log from start to (eventual) finish.

I hope 2013 has kicked off to a great start for everyone & that everyone gets some satisfactory modelling underway. And I hope you enjoy looking at these models as much as I enjoy building them.

Also below is a picture taken last night at 8pm, 5 minutes walk from my home. This is why I stay home and model this weekend - you can't see the path for the flooding water, just a bit of  hand rail sticking up out of the flood and the light posts (lower below)



  1. Good to see you back, Neil. I wish I had the humidity of a tropical storm in my house because my Vallejo paints dry too fast on the tip of the airbrush :-)

  2. Hello David. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I have made progress on all 3 builds, I should be able to start posts on all 3 soon. Hopefully life won't place too many obstacles in the way of getting back into a regular routine of getting my "in progress" builds completed, the large diorama progressed further, and getting the 3 italian kits above completed before long. Cheers, Neil